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  • Is your Google Analytics data experiencing discrepancies?
  • Are you experiencing reduced conversion rates?
  • Unable to rely on your data when making business decisions?
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3 Reasons To Get Your Google Analytics Audit Today

Improved Decision Making

Trustworthy data is the foundation of informed decision-making. Our audit ensures your GA4 implementation is accurate, preventing misleading insights that could lead to costly mistakes.

Trailored Tracking Solutions

The audit will allow you to tailor your setup to your specific business goals, ensuring you track what matters most to your business, whether it's e-commerce sales, lead generation, or user engagement.

Revenue Optimization & Boosted Sales

An optimized Google Analytics account allows you deeper insights into customer behavior and conversion paths, empowering you to drive more conversions and boost your revenue.

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Included In Your Google Analytics Audit:
  • Data Integrity Assurance
  • Event Tracking Optimization
  • Enhanced Tracking Configuration
  • Optimized Conversion Pathways
  • Security and Compliance Check
  • Customized Reporting Recommendations
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  • Decrease Acquisition Costs
  • Stay Ahead Of The Competition
  • Run More Relevant Split-Testing
  • Get More From Your Marketing Budget
  • Understand Your Audience Better

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They’re fast, very thorough and fix issues that you wouldn’t know how to spot or fix yourself
I’d highly recommend them, especially if you work with funnels, up-selling and cross-selling as they are experts in helping to make sure your funnel is technically rock solid… saving you money.
Richard LaRuina
Profitable Media has literally changed my life…
Over the past 2 years their team has helped me scale my online fitness business from annual sales of $100,000 all the way up to $8,000,000 and still growing.
Meredith Shirk
CEO, Svelte Training
Profitable Media is our Secret Weapon!
They exceed our expectations every day, year after year.
Scott Rewick
Co-Founder, NativePath
They know tech better than anyone
They work fast, they are extremely affordable, they are honest, they have strong morals and extreme integrity. I no longer worry about tech at all. I know I can trust them, I can trust their work, and I can trust that if I ever need them… they’ll be there. Hands down, one of the single greatest investments I’ve ever made
Jonathon Olla
Chief Data Officer, NativePath

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Here's what To Expect From Your
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More Accurate Data

More Accurate Data

Discover Missed Opportunities

Optimized User Flows for ROI Boost

Actionable Recommendations

Uncover Tracking Bottlenecks