Get The Right Message To The Right Person At The Right Time

In terms of sales funnel optimization, we at Profitable Media understand there is truly no more important goal than getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time. Every decision you make – from the frequency at which you make contact with a lead to the type of content you’re creating to when you choose to reach out to someone – will all be dictated from this one single point of origin.

At the same time, it’s equally important to remember that all of your visitors are unique – the “right message” and “right time” for one person may be woefully inadequate for the next, which is why a “one size fits all” approach to sales funnel optimization just won’t do. You essentially need to create a personalized sales funnel for every lead to help create the most organic and rewarding experience possible – yet at the same time, you can’t really be expected to devote all of your time to this each month because if you did, you’d never be able to do anything else!

These are all some of the many reasons why we are so excited to tell you about the new advanced visitor targeting features that OptinMonster has recently rolled out. They now allow you to automate a process that previously required a great deal of time and effort, both guaranteeing the results you need and freeing up more hours in your day to focus more on the parts of your business that matter the most.

What Is OptinMonster you ask?

At its core, OptinMonster is an industry leading customer acquisition and lead generation solution for businesses of all sizes. Originally launched in 2013, what began as a powerful enterprise-level technology to help businesses grow both their customer bases and their revenue, has quickly transitioned into one of the leading solutions of its type available on the market today.

New Advanced Visitor Targeting: What You Need to Know

Over the last few months, OptinMonster rolled out a new series of rules dubbed “New vs. Returning Visitors” that are specifically intended to allow a business to both compartmentalize new and existing customers and show different targeted messages to different people depending on what the situation requires.

When someone visits your website for the first time, you obviously want to make the best first impression you can – which normally involves an overview of your products or services, why your brand can solve their problems and pain points, etc. Returning visitors already know this and now you can choose to display different messages, like more specific calls to action or links to your Facebook page and other social media channels.

This can also be a perfect opportunity to reward loyal members of your audience who continue to check in for regular updates to your products or services. If OptinMonster detects that a particular visitor has been to your site before, you could theoretically display a special promotion or coupon to provide deeper motivation to make a sale.

Another major benefit of the OptinMonster “New vs. Returning Visitor” targeting is that it doesn’t require browser cookies to operate – everything is handled from the backend of the website itself! Even if a returning user has cleared their browser cache in between their first visit and this one, they’ll still see the precise message you want them to see when you want them to see it.

Additional New Features

Another new feature recently rolled out across the OptinMonster is called the “AdBlock Detection Rule,” which does exactly what it sounds like. More and more Internet users are installing ad blocking software every day, which can certainly be problematic if you earn revenue via third party advertising.

With OptinMonster’s new AdBlock rule, your website can send targeted messages to visitors using popular software options like AdBlock and uBlock Origin. This messaging doesn’t have to be invasive – by default, it involves a brief overview of why ad blocking software harms websites like yours and also includes a polite request to “whitelist” your domain. Studies have shown that if visitors previously enjoyed the content on your website, they are typically happy to turn off their ad blocker and make an exception – provided that you ask them nicely. Now, thanks to OptinMonster, you can do exactly that automatically on a case-by-case basis.

These are just a few of examples of new OptinMonster features that make it easier and more efficient to capture high quality leads at every stage of a customer’s journey, regardless of the shape that journey happens to be taking today.  Check out their website to learn more about what OptinMonster can do for your business.