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Get More Sales For Your Online Courses

Use these 6 ways to promote online courses to significantly boost your sales and ensure your recurring income. The revenue generated by E-Learning has increased by 900% in the last two decades. If you’ve got a great online course, then you probably contributed to this

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Optimize Your Evergreen Funnel For Maximum Profit

The idea of an evergreen sales funnel is great, but the implementation is oftentimes lacking.  However, the prospect of consistent sales all year round is understandably enticing. An evergreen sales funnel can provide income to keep your business going without constant maintenance.  That time and

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Make Your Bottom Of Funnel Marketing More Effective

Bottom-of-funnel marketing tactics are usually the last priority when constructing a sales funnel. After all, it is the last of the conversion funnel steps the customer will take. Thus, a chronological building order makes sense – starting with the attention-grabbing top of the funnel and

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Google Ads Auto Tagging

Google Ads are the search results that always appear at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). While many companies see their value and employ them, few know how to harness their full potential. Chief among these methods is Google Ads Auto-Tagging.  Given their

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Boost Your Membership site with these membermouse integrations

If you’ve got a business that runs on a subscription model, chances are you have a WordPress site to go with it. By creating high-quality content and using membership landing pages that convert, you can kickstart your business and build a subscriber list. Use MemberMouse in tandem with the best MemberMouse Integrations and you are already on your way to making your membership site profitable! The best membership sites for entrepreneurs adopt various MemberMouse integrations in their marketing stack to enjoy a variety of new features. To make the most of your membership….

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Google Topics API

Until now, the Internet has been ruled by the following law: “If a service is free, that means YOU are the product.” However, these days, a balance between users and businesses is close to being achieved. Google Topics API is the company’s way of positioning itself at the center of this new landscape. Not everyone was aware that an exchange was being made between free services and information used in advertising. When the Facebook scandal was publicized a few years back, the general audience understandably demanded change. In order to not completely destabilize the current advertising ecosystem, Google Topics will…

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Use Drip Content To Keep Your Membership site fresh.

Drip content might be just the concept you need to ensure long-term engagement, increase product satisfaction and build a sustainable community around your brand. Your top-notch marketing efforts, usually by leveraging the promise of great content, can ensure that people will arrive on your website. However, the way you organize and deliver said content determines whether those people will turn into curious but fleeting visitors or long-term & engaged users of your website. In this blog post, we aim to give you all the information necessary to determine whether drip feed content is a good fit for your business. That means…

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Optimize Your Site For Google's Core Web Vitals

In the summer of 2021, Google made a few additions to the palette of metrics that it will be using to rank websites on its search engine results pages (SERPs). Since then, the Cloudways page experience checker has been the perfect way for businesses to check all of these new elements in one go. With the Google page experience update, the company doubled down on its commitment to a quality web browsing experience for all users. This can be seen as part of a broader initiative by Google to improve page speed and promote good UX design practices. The reasoning…

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Conversion Funnel Optimization

Conversion funnel optimization is akin to taking apart, analyzing, and fine-tuning an engine to increase its performance. The engine is a car’s most vital element. Sure, everything around it is important in its own way, but if this one system fails, the whole thing isn’t moving forward one inch. Conversion funnel optimization, much in the same way, is essential to a business’ well-being. In automobile terms, a better engine results in faster speeds and better energy efficiency. In marketing terms, it equates to more traffic on your website in a smaller time frame and fewer people streaming out of your…

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