Here’s The Scoop on The New 2.2.7 Version of MemberMouse

The most recent MemberMouse release 2.2.7. contains a wealth of new features that will help support your membership business functions, from security enhancements to updated social login functionality and a more user-friendly membership upgrade process. This handy overview of the changes will help you identify anything that will impact your business at a glance.

First Steps to Upgrading MemberMouse

There are some important steps to take before installing MemberMouse 2.2.6. or above, as the PHP libraries have been upgraded to support 3rd party integrations. You can find the details here.

Here’s What’s Included In This Update

Membership Management

This latest version resolves a small glitch that occurred when switching between products within a single membership level, something that is especially important when users upgrade from a monthly to an annual subscription plan. The system will now flawlessly cancel the monthly subscription and prorate the annual subscription cost based on the member’s usage and start date. Additionally, complimentary account performance has been enhanced to ensure that users are unable to retain complimentary access after a purchase from a previously-abandoned cart. The plugin deactivation process has also been modified to allow the license server to resolve a higher number of failed attempts before deactivation occurs. Before deactivation, the system now sends an automated email to site admins for review.

Improved Social Integrations

The Facebook SSO Login makes it straightforward for users to utilize their Facebook login credentials to create their MemberMouse account. The integration has been updated to remove support for Graph API 2.2.

Payment Security, Checkout and Ease of Use

The Accept.js token exchange has been integrated into the CIM integration, a move that allows payment data to go directly from users to and bypass your servers. The Direct Post Method (DPM) offers one few fail points for this important integration, a step in the right direction. Changes to the Stripe payment integration include a request for user address verification using Stripe.js. Additionally, the checkout process was refined to ensure accurate loading of the Stripe.js token exchange framework. The checkout form has been refined to ensure that the selected isDefault parameter is not ignored when there’s a mismatch between payment methods between first screen and ultimate payment method. Finally, final checkout page has been tweaked to ensure the updated processing overlay is visible to Safari browser users after selecting submit.

And If That Wasn’t Enough The List of Feature Updates Keeps Going…

Marketing Updates

Several updates to SmartTags were introduced, including the ability to process generic shortcodes and other non-SmartTags within Push Notification emails. Form message SmartTags as well as error tags can now be run through the localization process. Adjusted drip content access to ensure that content remained constant whether the bundle was included as a membership level or purchased separately.

Product Changes and Deletes

Product dependencies were modified, to allow products that are dependent on each other to be deleted. For instance, if Product X has an alternate product option, previously the alternate product could not be deleted. This has been resolved.

Database Adjustments

MemberMouse tables have revised column names, to optimize for indexing by INNODB. Previously, the max key size limit was causing a fatal error when MemberMouse was installed. Radio buttons may now be marked as required fields in the custom field structure.


Bundle management content is revealed within the member details section even when there are no active bundles. Mobile reporting is now much more user-friendly with the addition of mobile CSS to the reporting module.

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