If you wish to make a change for the better, you need a place to centralize information from different sources, keep track of progress and make informed decisions. For example, if you wanted to lose weight, you would get a notebook with your workout plan (exercise type, repetitions, distribution throughout the week), a nutrition guide, and maybe a few blank pages to log your progress as you go along and make necessary adjustments. The same applies to headless commerce and CRM platforms. 

When it comes to scaling your business, a CRM platform can be that all-in-one notebook that keeps all your data organized and easily accessible! Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can refer to many things, from a set of practices to software and platforms. Many of the biggest companies around use CRM in a multitude of ways. Coca-Cola and Activision use it to respond quickly and effectively to complaints. Supermarket chains and airlines use exclusive Club Cards to promote customer loyalty and encourage cross-selling and upselling.

Apple and Amazon leverage CRM by collecting data regarding your browsing and shopping habits. They then use this information to tailor marketing campaigns, ads, and emails targeted at you to see relevant offers, thus providing value to their customers. The whole concept has become an industry standard, with the CRM software market as a whole raking in a projected $80 billion dollars by 2025. So, in this landscape, almost every company can benefit from using a CRM platform, and one of the best of the bunch is Sticky.io!

We hear the phrase “scale your business” thrown around quite a lot in our line of work, but many people seem to confuse growth with scaling. For example, if your company offers a service and you sign a new client, but you have to hire more staff to fully cater to that client’s needs, that shouldn’t be considered scaling since your expenses have also increased. While growth is a good thing, true scaling implies taking on more work with the same or even more efficiency. For this, among other things, you would need a high customer retention rate and a value ladder of offers. This, and much more, is what Sticky.io can do for you!

Sticky.io (formerly known as LimeLight CRM) is a full-stack, API-driven CRM subscription platform for headless commerce. It is designed for the direct-to-consumer eCommerce space and it’s aimed at middle to enterprise-level businesses. It excels when paired with companies in the subscription commerce field by collecting, automating, and managing recurring billing. Here are a few areas where it can help make a difference! 

Payment Gateways & Fraud Prevention

Sticky CRM offers custom payment gateway routing, encrypting all the data acquired and ensuring every transaction goes smoothly. This technology allows your site to act as a middleman and securely collect payment information from the customer, communicate with a bank to arrange a transaction, then give the customer confirmation of their order or a declining message in case of insufficient funds or incorrect card information. All of Sticky.io’s anti-fraud cyber security complies with PCI DSS Level 1 requirements.

Smart Dunning & Billing Experience 

Speaking of payments, if they have yet to be made by customers, the platform will issue automated, well-thought-out reminder messages on appropriate days. After a transaction fails, the system will send messages trying to recoup the payment three days later, two days later, and finally on the first and 15th of each month. These will be sent between 2 and 4 PM, known to be the most effective time frame. me. 

Sticky.io Analytics and Personalization 

Perhaps the true power of this system lies in its ability to collect data and present it to you so you can then leverage it to personalize the customer experience. It can collect information regarding recurring rates, cycle analysis, declines, returns, refunds, cancelations, and more. It can even analyze trends and predict customers’ desires and needs before they arise through advanced algorithms. It also considers things like engagement level, user interests, frequently searched items, and customer journey stage to ensure that the content and tone of your messages are appropriate to each person’s particular situation. 

App Integration for Headless Commerce

Sticky.io CRM is designed for headless commerce. No, that doesn’t mean it rides a horse and goes around trying to scare Ichabod Crane.  A headless commerce platform is decoupling of the front-end of a website (containing all the presentation and user interface) from the back-end, thus allowing for easy updates and edits without ever interfering with the front-end or “head.” The platform offers its own easy-to-use API that allows for integration with over 400 apps. These include big names like WooCommerce, Mailchimp, ShipStation, SalesForce, and Paypal, but we highly recommend the pairing of Sticky.io with a platform dealing in membership websites like MemberMouse. We have talked about this pairing before, and it has the potential to form a strong, robust system that can scale businesses quickly and efficiently. 

We’ve talked about how a business wishing to scale should have a high customer retention rate. The opposite is called customer turnover/churn/attrition, which means the loss of potential customers. Customers are the life essence of a business. Without a free, organic flow of customers, the business withers away. Let Sticky.io help you fight against all these problems and scale your business to new heights! If you see the benefits that this platform could bring your company, but don’t want the hassle of learning and setting all of this up, know that you can contact us right here and our Sticky CRM experts will guide you through the process of figuring everything out and improving your business along the way!