Should you consider using  TUNE affiliate tracking as your Partner Marketing Platform?

Short answer:

Yes! Affiliate marketing can be a high-performing advertising model if you have scalable, flexible technology backing you up. TUNE is one of the best affiliate platforms to help you manage, measure and optimize your performance marketing campaigns.

Do you want more details? We have been using TUNE when it was still called HasOffers and have been experts in using this platform for over 10 years! 

Let’s jump straight into the benefits of using TUNE affiliate tracking!

Tune affiliate tracking benefits

1. Don’t miss out on potential profits.

Performance marketing is a type of marketing that pays someone only after completing a specific action. It could be a click, a purchase, a like, a comment, a share, etc. It’s up to you to decide the step that best represents your business’s interests! 

While affiliate marketing and performance marketing are sometimes used interchangeably, the former is simply one of the tactics used under the performance marketing banner. With TUNE affiliate tracking, you can monitor search engine marketing, sponsored content marketing, native advertising, and social media marketing in one place.

Performance marketing pays only for completed actions, so it’s focused on ROI, and it comes with built-in analytics to help you make informed decisions. 

As previously mentioned, the affiliate marketing industry boasts impressive stats. U.S. affiliate marketing is worth $8,2 billion (and growing) while accounting for 16% of all online orders, almost as much as email marketing

You can see now why we’re recommending TUNE affiliate tracking as a powerful and long-lasting tool that can bolster a company’s digital marketing presence! 

2. Increase Brand Awareness

Have you ever heard of the game “Six degrees of Kevin Bacon,” where people attempt to connect the famous actor to other celebrities in under six steps? Let’s do a quick one right now:

Cyndi Lauper appeared in “Girls just want to have fun” with Sarah Jessica Parker, who in turn appeared in “Footloose” with, you guessed it, Kevin Bacon!

This game popularized the theory of “six degrees of separation,” which states that any two random people on Earth are somehow connected through other people they already know in a maximum of six leaps. 

We have all benefited in our lives in one way or another by knowing “a friend of a friend.” The audience members of your chosen partners are those friends who you need to get to and expose to your messaging and products.

With the latest privacy initiatives, sending the right message to the right people is more important than ever. TUNE affiliate tracking can dramatically increase your outreach since you are not spamming random corners of the Internet with ads. 

Instead, you can strategically collaborate with affiliates to access entire audiences and exponentially increase your exposure.

3. Tune Affiliate Tracking is reliable & secure

TUNE is a SaaS (software as a service) platform. It operates on a subscription service model, where you pay a fixed amount for the technology you are using. 

This means that there are no hidden fees like commissions or taking a cut from every deal you make through their tool. 

Consistent cost without fluctuations and variables also makes planning your budget for the long-term much easier, eliminating a stress factor. Another common cause of stress is taken care of by having all of your data encrypted and providing top-shelf security for customer payments. 

4. Flexible & Adaptable

A great thing you get out of using TUNE is increased flexibility in setting up payments, personalized offers, and deals, creating custom rules, and enforcing them. 

For example, suppose you wish to add and implement a new rule regarding partner payouts. 

In that case, you can easily do it without slowing down the whole process even a little bit! This not only lets you tailor this digital tool and the system it provides to your specific needs, but it allows for extra insurance for the future. 

This flexibility extends to the method in which you establish contact with partners. You can customize your template messages as much as you want, which leads to fewer misunderstandings that could cost you in the long run. 

With the TUNE affiliate marketing platform, your affiliate relationships start on the right foot! 

5. Leverage Influence

Choosing the right partners for your affiliate program can be challenging yet extremely rewarding for your business. You shouldn’t cram your company inside a stereotype box, thinking only a particular subset of people will be interested in what you have to say, so you might as well use partners who are in the same niche as your company. 

It would be best if you instead looked for those influencers who have an audience that reasonably overlaps with yours. 

Keep in mind that looking for a 100% match may leave you not pulling the trigger on the campaign until the right person turns up, which might not happen! The level of engagement that their audience shows in their content is another factor you should consider. 

A large following on social media or a lot of traffic on a blog means nothing if you cannot channel that attention and enthusiasm into practical actions. Remember, performance marketing is all about concrete and measurable data.

Final Words on using TUNE Affiliate Tracking

Back in the day, most advertisers would put out an ad in a magazine or on a T.V. show and hope that it would persuade enough people to try your products. 

They would then go through a complicated process trying to measure the resulting sales and see if they balanced out the initial cost of the ad. Direct response marking didn’t have the power it has today yet.

Nowadays, digital marketers have instant access to more data to base their decisions on, and TUNE affiliate tracking is the perfect solution for efficient affiliate managers. 

The TUNE partner marketing platform contains everything of value that the Internet has to offer – global outreach, cutting-edge technology put to use in automation, encryption, and payment security, plus the ability to gather and analyze a ton of data from which to glean valuable insights that will shape your company for the better. 

P.S. Keep in mind that TUNE is a premium tracking platform. After 10 years of working with businesses that used TUNE as part of their digital marketing toolkit, we learned that the potential benefits you can enjoy from using the TUNE marketing platform are only guaranteed if you know how to take full advantage of its features. 

We are TUNE marketing experts, so contact us today and let’s design a plan that gets your company using TUNE efficiently in no time!